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Electronic Building Passport - Pilot Tool v1.1

This software is a proof-of-concept data entry, storage and access system for information relating to the energy performance of residential buildings.

You are requested and encouraged to test this software by:

  • Adding your organisation – just click on the Add Organisation button and enter the requested information.

  • Adding datasets. A dataset is the information and documents related to a single dwelling. Click on the Add Dataset button to create the passport for a particular dwelling. To create a dataset there are a number of fields that we would like you to complete – although very few are compulsory. You can add or alter the data fields at any time. You can also increase the documentary information held under each data set at any time by clicking the Next: Add data button once inside a dwelling’s dataset.

This pilot project is part of Phase 2 of the National Energy Efficient Building Project. The project is led by the Government of South Australia on behalf of the Australian, state and territory Governments. A project team from pitt&sherry and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is rolling out the pilot.

For further information please contact:

Mark Johnston of pitt&sherry at

Your data entries and feedback are greatly appreciated.


EBP Pilot Discussion

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